The Sandwich Generation Juggling the Overwhelm

It’s Scott Brubacher here with our Boomers on the Move workshop! Are you part of the sandwich generation? If you fit into it, you are one of many adults who are caring for older relatives and children at the same time. It not only affects our Baby Boomer audience (59-77). But their Gen X children (40-58) as well. Looking at the numbers, that means 57% of the population has a parent aged 65+ that they’re supporting financially, emotionally, etc At the same time while supporting a minor/adult child. This caregiving role can be tough on its own. But when you add your career and financial concerns to the mix, it can feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water. The Sandwich Generation Juggling the Overwhelm

  1. Juggling Emotional Overwhelm with Hailey Patry
  2. Downsizing Aging Parents with Peg Bocci
  3. Financial Overwhelm with Heather Holjevac
  4. Panel discussion

With this purpose in mind, Scott interviews Hailey Patry. True happiness coach, marriage mentor and the happy business coach. She is a five-time award-winning author, an international bestseller.

Hailey’s company is The Lifted Lid. In addition she has spoken for over 1.5 million audience members. Along with her passions about helping you raise the quality of your life. Providing  private coaching programs for couples, individuals, and companies. Check out the sample below:

What are you hearing these days about the sandwich generation and caregiver burnout?

First off, “There are so many ways that caregivers are affected. Owing their anxiety, their own depression, exhaustion, physical injuries… the emotional toll that it takes. In addition the depletion of their quality time, energy, finances, and the effect it has on their personal relationships. Not to mention, if you’re a caregiver and you’re just emptying your cup for whoever you’re providing care to, there’s often just nothing left for yourself.
Equally important, I’d say there’s five hot words that are important for us to remember: limits, boundaries, guilt, burden, and opportunity…”

Now see the rest of the questions and listen on for more on the sandwich generation juggling the overwhelm …


The Sandwich Generation Juggling the Overwhelm with Hailey Patry

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Again and back to help is The Lifted Lid: Life Coach, Speaker and Author Hailey Patry. Positively, she is the founder of The Lifted Lid… “Life Uncapped”. Best known for her work as a True Happiness coach, Marriage Mentor and The Happy Business Coach. Not to mention delivering massive results in just nine hours. Moreover, Hailey can be reached by email, ( or text ( 416-797-5856)

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Hosted by Scott Brubacher with Heather Holjevac, Hailey Patry and Peg Bocci



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