Meadowvale Village Real Estate

Located along Old Derry Road and the Credit River Meadowvale Village Real Estate has an estimated population of 35,000 residents. While heritage plays a major part of the roots in “Old Meadowvale Village” by and large its a vibrant community. It’s luxury homes are part of the Gooderham Estates development. Flanked by the historic Gooderham Mansion circa 1870 the development by Hush Homes sits on the old site of the Silverthorn Mill. Enhancing the village charm with upscale custom built family homes. Furthermore, Meadowvale Village Real estate is aptly home to the Credit Valley Conservation Authority headquarters . Situated on the banks of the Credit River which it manages.

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  • Getting to work

    The Pearson International Airport is merely a 15 minute commute via 407ETR from Mavis Road or Highway 401.

  • Activities and Amenities

    Meadowvale Conservation area provides all season playground activities for nature enthusiasts, dog walkers, hikers, fisherman and family picnic areas with Barbecue pits.

  • Meadowvale Village Schools

    Meadowvale Village family of schools includes Mississauga Secondary School with feeder elementary schools from Levi Creek, Britannia and Meadowvale Village Elementary schools.

  • House Types

    Meadowvale Village Real Estate is influenced by the quiet pastural beauty of the Credit River and heritage character of the Gooderham Mansion Estate. Combined it’s a diverse mix of old and new. In contrast many historical designated dwellings and modern luxury two story detached homes, sem-detached and Town Homes.

  • Employment

    Numerous corporations in Meadowvale Business park including Glaxo Smith Kline, Microsoft Corp, DuPont, Royal Bank of Canada, Walmart Corp and Loblaws Headquarters to name a few.

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