The Sandwich Generation Overcoming the Financial Overwhelm

It’s Scott Brubacher here with our Boomers on the Move workshop! Are you part of the sandwich generation? If you fit into it, you are one of many adults who are caring for older relatives and children at the same time. It not only affects our Baby Boomer audience (59-77). But their Gen X children (40-58) as well. Looking at the numbers, that means 57% of the population has a parent aged 65+ that they’re supporting financially, emotionally, etc At the same time while supporting a minor/adult child. This caregiving role can be tough on its own. But when you add your career and financial concerns to the mix, it can feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water. The Sandwich Generation Overcoming the Overwhelm

  1. Financial Overwhelm with Heather Holjevac
  2. Downsizing Aging Parents with Peg Bocci
  3. Juggling Emotional Overwhelm with Hailey Patry
  4. Panel discussion

The Sandwich Generation Overcoming the Financial Overwhelm – Scott interviews Heather Holjevac, Financial Planner at Holjevac Financial Group.   Listen in as we discuss the financial stress that plagues the sandwich generation. Heather also provides our audience with tools to help “overcome the overwhelm” that comes with taking care of both children and elderly parents… all at the same time! Check out the sample below:

What financial concerns are your clients experiencing as it relates to the sandwich generation?

“A very diverse group now—not just boomers, but GenXers as well—are sandwiched between the needs of their aging parents and their own adult children. These clients are concerned about how they can take care of everyone while also taking care of themselves and securing their own finances. They ask, “Where do I even start with government benefits?” They’re considering if their parents need to downsize, and if so, where can they move? Should their parents move in with them, and is that even possible? Further, they’re concerned about future health care costs and want to know what options are available to bridge that financial gap (i.e., reverse mortgages, etc.).

As for adult children, clients are questioning if their children will ever be able to move out, if they’ll be able to help them buy a house, and if their children will eventually need to move back in with them.

We’ll talk about what resources are available to the sandwich generation and how to navigate this tumultuous time – you don’t have to do it alone!”

See the rest of the questions I ask Heather and listen on for more …


The Sandwich Generation Overcoming the Financial Overwhelm Video


The Sandwich Generation Overcoming the Financial Overwhelm

Heather Holjevac, CFP, CDFA, EPC – Holjevac Financial Group
FP Canada™ Fellow
Financial Planner
Financial Literacy Advocate

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