Three Ways to Profit From the Spring Mississauga Real Estate Market

Drive down any Street in Mississauga in April and you’re likely to see at least one “For Sale” sign sprouting out of the mud!  The snow is receding and the maple syrup festivals are hosting pancakes and sugar bush tours.Three Ways to Profit from the Spring Mississauga Real Estate Market.

Three ways to profit from the Spring Mississauga Real estate market

Maple Sugar Bush

Welcome to the Spring market!

In fact for many of my clients but by no means all of them, a move revolves around the need to get the kids settled before school starts in September. Important to realize, surprisingly, the math goes something like this:

Firstly, the house might take a month or two to sell.

Secondly, the deal might not close for another two or three months.

Lastly, that brings us to a mid-summer move, enough time to get settled before the school bells ring again.

Conversely, other people have equally compelling reasons to make a change to their housing arrangements in Spring. Certainly, the result is that more houses sell at this time of year than any other. In reality, the number of potential buyers is at its highest at this time of year.

Notably, there is plenty of choice from which a potential purchaser can choose. As a realtor active in the Mississauga area, I find that about 60% of my business takes place from early February to late June. Regardless, the buyers and sellers I work with all want to get the best deal possible: a house is usually a family’s biggest investment and it’s important to protect the equity.

Finally, if you are looking at making a move this year, here are few tips for maximizing the profitability of your upcoming transaction:

Home Finances

Get your finances in order first. Determine how much equity you have in your current property (or how much money you have saved, if you don’t already own a home) and visit your bank or other lending institution to determine how much mortgage you are eligible to borrow.

If you are purchasing a new home, this will let you act quickly in the event that you end up in a bidding war for the new property. While if you are selling your house, knowing your numbers will let you react quickly when an offer comes in. Home finances.

Get to know the Mississauga Real estate market

Be clear on what you want to buy. The housing situation changed in the last 12 months. So get to know the Mississauga Real Estate market. Moreover, read my latest blog called Mississauga House Price report April 2019. Browse the listings in Mississauga and start your home  search to see what’s available in your price range, and to get an idea of what kind of neighbourhood you want to live in. Get to know the Mississauga real estate market

Get help early!

I’m always happy to book a two hour tour showing prospective residents the different neighbourhoods in our town. Further, if you would like a guided tour of real estate opportunities here. You can feel free to contact me at Likewise we’ll set up a time when we can do that. Get help early!

Ask for assistance. Realtors like me have spent years learning about the real estate market and we are passionate about property. We have a good idea what your house should sell for and a realtor with a strong sense of professionalism will help you price your house to sell. We can also ensure your offer to purchase a new home protects your interests as much as possible.

Spring isn’t the only time of year when you can buy or sell a house profitably. But if you are ready to make a move, I invite you to get in touch I’m standing by to help make your Mississauga move as simple and successful as possible

Three ways to profit from the Spring Mississauga Real estate market …

Three ways to profit from the Spring Mississauga Real Estate Market

Terra Cotta maple syrup festival

Local Maple Syrup Festivals

moreover, maple syrup festivals are an age-old tradition in Canada. In fact our national flag is a maple leaf . Firstly the sap is collected from Maple trees. From here on it’s boiled in an evaporator to reduce it to a thick syrup. Served on pancakes or Maple taffy treats made on snow. Satisfying for the sweet tooth of Mississauga. In fact the upcoming Muskoka maple syrup festival north of Mississauga is April 21,2018. Its another sign Spring is right around the corner. Local maple syrup festivals

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Three Ways to Profit From the Spring Mississauga Real Estate Market

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