Should have done it sooner

Should have done it sooner – As I mentioned in my last blog, we all want the best for ourselves and our families in retirement. To be sure, it’s no secret older adults can face some challenging and overwhelming situations. As a qualified Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I make a point of helping my clients transition successfully into accommodation that is a comfort for them from a financial and a lifestyle perspective.

Many should have done it sooner. This often requires refinancing and/or selling the family home. At some point, we all need to downsize.

Don’t sit on your plans to downsize because it takes planning and time.

Should have done it sooner!

A senior couple I worked with recently wanted to move to a retirement residence. They had owned a small bungalow since the 1950’s had raised their family there. The wife had early symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease; the husband’s health, on the other hand, was good. He proudly showed me his red sports car in the garage.  I got the grand tour of their home and gave them an estimate of market value. We reviewed the budget on how much they had to spend, purchase or lease for a prospective move.

Over the next few weeks, I showed the couple several seniors’ condo apartments. There were different styles and types with various seniors’ service levels available. Nothing came of it, and they politely thanked me for my time.

A year later I received a call from the gentleman and he was in some distress. He had been to see the doctor for a recurring ailment and was unable to function well. His wife was encountering more severe symptoms of her medical condition. Now it was time to downsize! The couple needed comfortable rental accommodation and onsite medical help. We knew just the right place! It was one of the places we had seen together previously. The couple signed a lease and moved in. The house was prepared for sale and de-cluttered. The family helped with a garage sale and several trips to the local thrift store. The house sold in a week!  On my last visit to see my clients, the wife admitted that it was a great move and said, “We should have done it sooner!”

Boomers don’t sit on your plans to downsize.

I’ve successfully worked with many seniors and helped families of older seniors deal with their real estate. It helps me to know a trusted network of seniors professionals and contractors who are seniors friendly.

I invite you to contact me or email me at to discuss any of your Seniors Real Estate needs you might be encountering. I’m standing by to be of assistance! Or, come to our next Boomers on the Move workshop!