Discover The Solution To Downsizing Your Home for Retirements’ Biggest Challenges

When it comes to downsizing your home for retirement, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Register now for this online event

Boomers On The Move

Join us from your computer, phone or tablet, and learn strategies for Baby Boomers who are looking to downsize their home in retirement.


Join us Wednesday, September 23, 2020 6:00 – 7:30 PM

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Very lively and informative presentations! I will definitely recommend Boomers on the Move.Timothy Pusztai, Foster Law Office

Solutions to the 3 Biggest Challenges! + BONUS
(About our guest speakers)

Where would we move? And what would we do with all our stuff?!

Scott Brubacher, Broker, from Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty Brokerage, knows that figuring out where to move, and what you will do with your lifetime accumulation of stuff, can be a daunting task. YES! Listen as he shares his wisdom and tips he’s learned throughout his career of moving families!

Should I stay or should I go?

Heather Holjevac, Financial Literacy Advocate, walks us through the financing options available to those with equity in their homes looking to fund their retirement. She answers the burning question of “Should I stay or should I go?” buy offering suggestions to better manage your money.

BONUS: Profiles of places to live!

We invite a local area expert to share with us their experience living and working in particular neighbourhoods throughout Ontario! They will discuss the lifestyle, as well as local amenities to Baby Boomers in particular, will enjoy!

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I wish to commend you on this evening’s presentation for Boomers on the Move event. The content was relevant to the audience and raised many questions as to individuals’ preparedness. Please continue to offer these education seminars.David S.
A lot of good points were presented to consider and will be helpful to consider my options. At a critical decision point which is beyond my control so exploring options is important.Susan H.
I found today’s session to be very enlightening and informative. Experts shared their wealth of knowledge making it easier for me to decide where to move and how best to manage ‘all my stuff’ and finances. Thank You! Julie C.

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