Five Buying Tips helpful in a Hot Mississauga Real Estate Market

Home Buyers today have a challenge in Mississauga’s Real Estate Here are five buying tips helpful in a hot Mississauga Real Estate market.  Ask anyone who has been through a multiple offer situation. There are not enough homes for sale. Home Prices are at an all-time high in the entire GTA housing market. The average home price for all housing types in 2016 in Mississauga is $$724,431 – up 27.3% in one year! This makes it challenging for all real estate buyers – families that need a bigger home – downsizers – first time buyers – investors. I will say every situation needs a different strategy.  For further information here are Three ways to profit from the Spring market!

1.Determine your wants and needs when searching Mississauga homes for sale.

It’s always best to take the time to jot down a list. It’s a proven fact that you are a lot more likely to get what you want if you write it out. At the end of the game it’s all about signing the deal to purchase your home or income property. Confidence for buyers at offer time comes from knowing the property you bought meets your criteria at the right price. Good realtors know the market!

Five Buying Tips helpful in a Hot Mississauga Real Estate Market

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2. Establish your budget.

It always makes prudent financial sense to know what you can afford. I find the most successful buyers know their home price limit when placing and negotiating offers. The temptation to pay more to “get the deal” goes away when you are pre-qualified for a mortgage. Meet with a mortgage specialist to review your own financial situation.

3. Have a vision for your investment.

Many buyers go into the home buying process looking for “a Dream home”. They get caught up in the emotions of home ownership. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the primary residence for most home owners in Canada is the biggest financial asset in their lives. The investment value for wise home owners is the time value of mone

y- pay down a mortgage and house price increases. Think long term and you will always succeed and considering these Five Buying Tips helpful in a Hot Mississauga Real Estate Market

  • Pay down your mortgage.
  • Consider renovations that increase a home’s value.
  • Profit from historical upward trends in homes prices.
  • Investors benefit from positive cash flow

4. Get educated on Inventory and Mississauga Neighbourhoods.

What you as a buyer need to know for every property you see;

Five Buying Tips helpful in a Hot Mississauga Real Estate Market

Toronto Real Estate Board market watch report 2010-2017


  • Is this area a good investment?
  • Does it meet my needs?
  • What price will this property sell?
  • What repairs/renovations will be necessary?
  • What’s the Neighborhood like?
  • Is this place good for price growth?
  • Why are the vendors selling?
  • Is this home a good deal?

In my experience, Buyers that are educated and know what they want are successful. Further they are confident and decisive when making an offer. While there are many resources for viewing homes online; putting your shoes on is essential. The process of viewing properties – lots of properties – helps determine what you need and how much it will cost. Finally, the best way is to work with a Great Realtor who will guide you in this hot market. Royal LePage has some great resources for buyers, so ask your Mississauga Real Estate Agent.

 5. Make an educated offer and negotiate for success!   

Finally keep your emotions in check because it’s easy to make rash decisions. You will feel more in control if you are focused and calm. And if I can help you out with any of your real-estate-related questions, please email me at I’d be happy to hear from you and glad for the chance to meet you and show you how to buy Real estate in Mississauga and surrounding municipalities.Know what you want as a home buyer. Keep in mind what you can afford. View your purchase as long term.  Be educated and know Mississauga Real Estate value. Negotiate offers with confidence.

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Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” sings –  You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, Know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done. Meadowvale homes for sale – Streetsville Homes for sale Erin Mills Homes for sale – Meadowvale Homes for sale

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