Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home

In part with our Boomer’s On The Move series, many Mississauga residents aged 50+ are facing a transitional period in their life. Whether you’re just entering into retirement, or find yourselves empty-nesters, common practice is for people to want to move.

To that end, here are the Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home

Why people want to move has to do a lot with lifestyle. It goes something like this:

If you are like many of us, and have lived in Mississauga all your lives. You got married. Raised a family. Now you have a Million dollar home. Sounds great right?

Well, the truth is a Million dollars doesn’t get you what it used to in Mississauga or in any big city, these days.

That’s why many of us are getting ready to make their move out of Mississauga. Therefore, you plan to sell your home and move to the outskirts of the GTA.  As a result, you buy someplace at lower cost and pocket the saving to finance your retirement.

In fact, there are some areas in Southern Ontario that are growing quickly that will both make the best use of your equity and offer the lifestyle you are looking for. Notably, Boomers are on the move in Mississauga.

Certainly, this is not an easy move. Thus it can be difficult to consider selling the family home, let alone moving from one city to the next. After all, where would you go?

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Boomers are on the Move in Mississauga

I’ve scoured the MLS system, read TREB sales reports, researched different locations and then decided to take a drive.  After visiting numerous cities and townships outside of Mississauga I have compiled this list. Although not ranked in any particular order, here are my top 10 places to move:


Town of Georgina

Population: 47,500
Average sales price: $595,000
Distance from Mississauga: 102KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 1h 20m – 2h with traffic
Lifestyle: Lakeside, Small Town, Year-Round Activity

▶ Search Homes For Sale in Georgina

Firstly, the Town of Georgina is the northernmost township on the eastern shores of Lake Simcoe. It is a waterfront community that is growing.  Though it may be incorporated as a town, Georgina acts as a township made up of many smaller communities with the largest communities being Keswick, Sutton, Jackson’s Point and Pefferlaw.

Georgina has year-round activities. With its many beaches, marinas, golf courses and walking trails, Georgina blooms in the Summer, but with facilities like the Recreational Outdoor Campus, The Ice Palace and of course Lake Simcoe, there is also plenty of activity to have throughout the winter months too.

Culture isn’t hard to come by in this lakeside community with the Stephen Leacock Theatre, Club 55, The Georgina Art Gallery and Connors Music.

Local Events:


Town of Huntsville

Population: 19,800
Average sales price: $437,000
Distance from Mississauga: 224KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 2h 40 mins – 3h with traffic
Lifestyle: Cottage, Summer activity

▶ Search Homes For Sale In Huntsville

Huntsville is the largest town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario. There are three large lakes within the township boundary, Mary Lake, Lake Vernon, and Fairy Lake, as well as countless smaller lakes.

Huntsville is a magnet for and home to many acclaimed visual artists. Famed Canadian artists Tom Thomson and his successors, the Group of Seven painted here frequently.

Huntsville, is home to world-traveling zoomer, Les Stroud, he loves Huntsville because it blends nature and art in captivating fashion. Certainly, a viable contender in the Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home

Local Events:


City of Burlington

Population: 193,800
Average sales price: $747,000
Distance from Mississauga: 39KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 1h – 2h 30m with traffic
Lifestyle: Active Suburban

▶ Search Homes For Sale In Burlington

Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario and conveniently located within an hour of Toronto & Niagara Falls, the beautiful City of Burlington has much to offer those looking for an active suburban lifestyle.

In fact, Burlington maintains 580.78 hectares of park land. Further, it offers 4 indoor and parkland pools, 3 splash pads, 12 ice pads, 6 community centres, and 9 golf courses.

Take a stroll on the waterfront trail, explore the Royal Botanical Gardens, and enjoy Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Hike on nature trails, and take in scenic landscapes along the Niagara Escarpment or walk the spectacular Waterfront at Downtown Burlington.

Experience history in the Museums of Burlington, and take a tour of the Burlington Art Centre.

Local events:

  • The Sound of Music Festival
  • Burlington Jazz n’ Blues Festival
  • Art in the Park
  • Lakeside Festival of Lights
  • Rotary Ribfest


Town of Collingwood – South Georgian Bay Region

Population: 21,793
Average sales price: $495,000
Distance from Mississauga: 124KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 2h 10m – 3h with traffic
Lifestyle: Mountain Cottage, Year-Round Activity

▶ Search Homes For Sale In Collingwood

Located in South Georgian Bay Region , Collingwood  is amid the communities of: · Blue Mountain · Thornbury · Craigleith · Meaford · Creemore .

Collingwood is so rich with recreation opportunities. Whether it is social, physical like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, running or swimming, or Arts and Entertainment you can do it all in Collingwood. Notably, Collingwood has several top-rated golf courses all within a 15-minute drive. Monterra Golf, Batteaux Creek Golf Club, OslerBrook Golf and Country Club, The Georgian Bay Club, and Lora Bay Golf Club are second to none.

Here on the shores of Georgian Bay and on the Niagara Escarpment. Locals enjoy an active outdoor pastime. To put it another way, the lifestyle is Sea and Ski. Further Collingwood harbour hosts many yacht clubs and marina’s supporting an active summer boating community.

Local Events:


City of Toronto

Population: 2.8 million
Average sales price: $807,871
Distance from Mississauga: 27.4KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: N/A
Lifestyle: Urban

▶ Homes For Sale In Toronto

Toronto sits in Southern Ontario’s ‘Golden Horseshoe’: 8 million people – over one-quarter of Canada’s total population – live in Toronto.  The city lies on largely flat land, with little in the way of hills. Known as one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities, Toronto prides itself on its wide range of cultures, languages, food and arts. Almost half of its population are immigrants.

Single men and women tend to prefer the downtown core, where the condominium market has exploded over the last decade. The downtown amenities are well suited for Mississauga Boomer’s too wanting to downsize. That’s to say Condo living is an ideal lifestyle for those who want BIG CITY amenities or summer boating facilities on the Toronto harbor front. At the same time many of us out of town in the winter towards warmer southern destinations. Becaue it’s the best of both worlds for low maintenance free living.

Toronto is well-known for its healthy arts scene, numerous sporting events, a vibrant nightlife, and restaurants, bistros and eateries featuring cuisine from just about any nationality one could think of.

The Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum are popular with both tourists and residents.

Local Events:


Town of Saugeen Shores

Population: 13,741
Average sales price: $375,000
Distance from Mississauga: 193KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 2h 30m
Lifestyle: Beachside

▶ Search Homes For Sale In Saugeen Shores

One of my favorites, Saugeen Shores is located on the shores of Lake Huron. Naturally, it’s a family and friendly lifestyle. Boomer’s would feel welcome here all four seasons. Whether it’s a stroll along the sandy beach sidewalk to the fish and chip shack, enjoying a game of golf or boating on Lake Huron, or watching the spectacular sunsets, the town had lot’s to do.

Notably, it’s rated #4 in the top ten of Maclean’s magazine best places to live in Ontario 2017. The community nearly doubles in the summer months as cottagers and boaters head for the beaches to enjoy summer fun.

Saugeen Shores is comprised of the town’s of Southampton and Port Elgin. The median age is 49 years with a good mix of young and old. The locals find employment through Agriculture, small business, tourism and Bruce Power.

Not to mention, my favorite space in Southampton is the sandy beach at the Long Docks looking out over Chantry Island. Beautiful blue Lake Huron water, fresh lake breeze and a view in the past of the Island light house. Whether you move here or just visit to check it out, this is one place that resonates with me.

Local events:


Town of Stratford

Population: 32,574
Average sales price: $330,000
Distance from Mississauga: 116KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 1 hour 45 minutes
Lifestyle: Arts and Entertainment

▶ Search Stratford Homes For Sale

Certainly, an easy commute back into Mississauga to see family and friends. Boomer’s will find ample downtown amenities of shops, restaurants, arts and culture and Victorian buildings. The Stratford festival presents modern and Shakespearean plays in multiple theatres. The locals enjoy live music and show through all four seasons.

Stratford is known to be among the best places to retire in Ontario. Notably ranked number 3 on Macleans best places to live in Ontario. A mix of affordable housing, shopping and parkland makes for a relaxed lifestyle with lot’s to do. Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home

Local events:


Town of Bracbridge

Population: 16,191
Average sales price: $350,000
Distance from Mississauga: 198 KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 2 hour 38 minutes
Lifestyle: Active/Muskoka Lakes

▶ Search Homes For Sale in Bracebridge

Boomers on the move would love Bracebridge. A mix of wonderful lakes and waterfront communities built around  Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph and Lake Rousseau.

Here this four season community invites folks from all walks of life and always, the Muskoka Region is magical.   The community has great golf courses and restaurants, with lots to do. Notably there is great local entertainment with the likes of the Kee to Bala 

Bracebridge is located at the mouth of the Muskoka river and the gateway to Muskoka Lake region. There is a trend of many of the baby Boomer generation with family cottages moving in full time.

Local events:


City of Ottawa

Population: 947,031
Average sales price: $350,000
Distance from Mississauga: 475 KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 4h 45m
Lifestyle: Urban downtown

▶ Search Homes For Sale in Ottawa

Mississauga Boomers who are downsizing, are not over looking Maclean’s magazine number one pick of best places to live. Ottawa has tons of community events, good community spirit, top hospitals, brand new OC Transpo Light rail transit connecting different parts of the city. Neighbouring Gatineau Park has plenty to do outdoors with hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and swimming. To demonstrate the Carbide Wilson ruins are a great day hike on Meach Lake. Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home

Nearby, Mt. Tremblant is 2 hours drive away through the scenic Laurentians. Zoomers can always find time to relax in the Nordik spa. Nonetheless, the largest spa in North America. Furthermore, some great restaurants in the top ten all over the world.

Even more, sports fans it all with the Senators, Redblacks Pro Football and Ottawa Furey FC soccer club. In addition to plenty of arts and entertainment with the National Arts Theatre, GCTC theatre, Gladstone, and many Federal museums and galleries.

At the same time,  a small choice community is the town of Almonte. Nearby the amenities of Ottawa within a quiet and friendly community. Another reason Ottawa is deserves it’s number one ranking in the top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home.

Above and below, the Rideau Canal connects the city with boating, kayaking, bike, and walking trails. Community spirit abodes in  Westboro, Old Ottawa South, the Glebe, Hintonburg, Lincoln fields Queensway Terrace North and the Byward Market. International education with 2 Universities and 2 colleges.

Local Events


Niagara on the Lake

Population: 16,694
Average sales price: $544,414
Distance from Mississauga: 112 KM
Commute time to downtown Toronto: 1h 30m
Lifestyle: Cultured Active

▶ Search Homes For Sale in Niagara On The Lake

Indeed Niagara Region calls out to be in the Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home.  Accordingly, the main reason for Boomers to migrate is a warmer winter climate and scenic rolling hills and wineries in the Niagara Escarpment and and lots to do. Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario and the mouth of the Niagara River. Even more, the down town features Victorian 19th Century architecture and beautiful landscaped streets.

Equally compelling for Boomers is the close proximity to the GTA for visits family and friends. Soon by 2023 the Go Train will be extended to Niagara on the Lake with regular Lake Shore service into Union Station.

Moreover, many locals will say about living in Niagara on the Lake: “It has a lot of community spirit; it’s like stepping back in time to a beautiful small town with a slower pace, less traffic and better weather.”

Beyond Niagara on the Lake, the Niagara region includes the areas of St. Catharines, Grimsby, Port Colborne, Thorold, Welland, Pelham, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Wainfleet and many small towns and villages.  To that end they are all viable options in the Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home

Local Events

Boomers don’t sit on your plans to downsize!

Finally, there is no one size fits all when it comes to downsizing for retirement. For that reason, there is no time like now to start the process. So Boomers don’t sit on your plans to downsize! Explore the Top 10 Places To Move When Downsizing Your Mississauga Home. Follow my foot steps and contact me for help!

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Special thanks for Best Places to Live in Ontario – Macleans magazine Best Places to Live in Ontario