Taking Cycling to Heart in Mississauga

Taking cycling to heart in Mississauga

Bike paths in Lake Aquitaine

As I’ve mentioned before in this space I am an avid cyclist. Actually, there is nothing I enjoy more than getting out on my bike for a good workout. As a resident of Mississauga, I’m pretty spoiled! Notably, The Toronto Bicycle Show is just past. Its a sign of fall. To be sure, I’m going to be out on my bike and Taking Cycling to Heart in Mississauga.


Mississauga Cycling Master Plan

 For sure this city is incredibly bicycle friendly, with more than 400 kilometres of “cycle-space” found as on-road bike lanes, boulevard multi-use trails, off-road trails and “bicycle friendly” roadways. Over the past few years the City of Mississauga has developed a Cycling Master Plan  that aims to more than double the cycling routes available to residents within the next 20 years. The goal is to put 95% of the city’s population within one kilometre of a primary cycling route. That way, more people will start to see cycling, walking and roller blading as an important part of their enjoyment of life, as well as a means of cutting down on traffic. 

Cycle-friendly trails along the Credit River

 I know that other cities in the GTA have taken the idea of what they’re calling an active transportation plan to heart – formal bike lanes and pathways mean that cycling can become a safer and more desirable activity.  And making plenty of bicycle paths available through neighbourhood parks means people can cycle or walk to schools, community centres and libraries.

 We have some beautiful trails through the Credit Valley Conservation and Etobicoke Creek valleys and I’ve spent some really glorious hours on trails in both locations enjoying the beauty of nature—in what we’re told is one of the most congested, over-built areas of Canada! One of my favorites just outside Mississauaga is the Caledon Trailways. It’s easy difficulty and winds through through hamlets and the villages of Ingelwood and Caledon. 

I think the City of Mississauga’s plan is to extend the network of paths to 900 kilometres overall, and connect different parts of the city to make it easier to get around.

 Did you know that you can cycle or rollerblade (or walk) from Port Credit all the way to downtown Toronto? It’s a distance of about 20 kilometres one-way. If you don’t feel quite that ambitious you might enjoy the Waterfront Trail through Port Credit. It’s just a little less than five kilometres in length, which your average cyclist can whip through in no time. It’s an easy route to cycle and it’s beautiful.

Waterfront trail

 The Waterfront Trail through Port Credit is part of a much longer trail  that connects 75 communities and more than 400 parks and natural areas along the north shores of Lakes Ontario, Erie, and St. Clair, and the Niagara, Detroit and St. Lawrence Rivers.  It’s 1600 kilometres long!

 The City of Mississauga has a super trail map available to download and I recommend you take a look before you start out so you know where you’re going. I also recommend that you make sure you get your bike tuned up every once in a while to make sure it’s in top condition. There are a lot of little things that need to be done to ensure you can cycle long distances safely and a good bike shop will be able to help you out with that.

Hilton Falls – Kelso and Mountsburg Halton Hills

For bikers looking for more of a challenge, great trails are a short drive outside of Mississauga. Located at Hilton Falls – Kelso and Mountsberg are my favorite single track trails. Some are easy but many are intermediate and advanced difficulty.  More for the athlete but spectacular bicycling through the Niagara Escarpment trails and valleys.

Check them out at Halton Conservation Mountain Biking.

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