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So, you’ve sold your place and now you’re moving into your new home – congrats! Now it’s time to get to work! You can’t predict everything when it comes to moving day. But you can definitely come into it feeling prepared with your own moving checklist. Check out the list below to get a head start on making your move as smooth as possible!

moving checklist of things you didn't know about

Planning Ahead

  • First thing’s first: confirm your moving date! On average, it takes one to two months for a house to close and for the new owners to occupy the home. Use this time to your advantage and start thinking about
  •  Booking movers/rental trucks/asking friends for help. In my experience, friends are always willing to help if you give them enough notice. And when it comes to movers/rental trucks, the sooner you book them, the better.
  • Requesting time off work. Relocating can be a long, stressful experience. It makes it a lot less stressful when you don’t have to get up for work the next day!
  • Collecting boxes. Most stores will give them to you for free if you call ahead! My first choice is Home Depot. Their boxes are sturdy and come in small, medium, and large. The standard sizes make them easy to stack.
  • Backing up your files. If photos or documents get lost in the move, you know you have backups on your computer or a separate storage device.
  • Organizing visits. Depending on how far you’re moving, your local friends will likely want to see you before you leave. Try to pick dates a couple weeks before your move-in day to ensure some stress-free hangouts.
  • Arranging a bridge loan. Now’s the time to check in with your mortgage specialist about setting up a bridge loan. This way, you can take possession of your new home a day or two before vacating your current place. It’s fairly inexpensive and can make the transition much smoother on closing day, should there be any unexpected delays on closing.

One Month to Go!

  •  Book an elevator (if needed)
  • Create a floor plan. This will help you determine what furniture and accessories will fit into your new living space. Doing this before you declutter will make the decisions about what to donate/sell/keep much easier, and it will also show you what you might want to buy to really make the space your own.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter. Take a good look at what you own and decide what you’ll be bringing into your new home. I know it can be hard, but you’ll be happy when you’re saving time, money, and precious moving boxes that would have otherwise gone to items you don’t love and use. My advice is this: if you don’t use it, lose it! This process takes time, so don’t leave decluttering until the last minute.
  • Start measuring furniture. There’s nothing worse than realizing your new couch won’t fit through the door on move-in day!
  • Change your address for bills, mail, packages, online sites, etc. You can visit Canada post either online or in person and fill out the form to redirect your mail. One of the most common complaints from buyers is that they continue to receive your mail, so re-directing it in advance will save both you and the new owner any hassle.
  • Notify GCRA and Service Ontario for changes to your ID and tax information about your relocation
  • Notify utility companies to read the meter before closing, and don’t forget to provide them with the new owners’ contact information.
  • Create a room-by-room inventory. This may seem tedious, but it will really help if you need to file a claim for lost/damaged goods.
  • Acquire any packing supplies you still need. This means bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, storage bins, etc.
  • It’s time to start packing. Begin with the stuff you don’t use every day (i.e., holiday decorations, book collection, etc.,) Deal with your junk now so you don’t pay the cost to move it to your new place.

Two Weeks to Go!

  • Make small repairs. You know all those small repairs you’ve been putting off for years? Now’s the time to get them done. If you’re renting, this will ensure you get your safety deposit back.
  • Consider renting a storage locker. Many of my clients rent a local storage locker short-term, as it helps get things organized for the final move-in day. Additionally, the extra space is great for any unexpected overflow items!
  •  Contact your internet and TV providers to service your new home. After a full day of moving, you’ll probably just want to veg out on the couch and watch a good show.
  •  Review plans with your moving company. Confirm important dates and time slots to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Movers are busy, so make sure you secure a good company early!
  •  Fill your prescriptions. If you’re on any medication, filling your prescriptions before you move will give you more time to look for a new doctor in your area.
  •  Start dismantling your shelves, taking frames off your walls, and packing away your decorative items. This is usually when things start to feel real. Take a moment to enjoy the excitement! If there are any fixtures you excluded from the agreement, have them replaced with similar quality and finish.

One week to go!

  • Pack, pack, pack! Plan your outfits for the week and box up the rest. You can even pack up your kitchen. Just leave out a pan, some utensils, and plates (or admit defeat and order a few days worth of takeout).
  •  Take photos of any valuables. You’ll need these pictures if any items are damaged during the move. Set aside any warranties or user’s manuals for recent home renovations or appliances.
  •  Hire a babysitter/pet sitter. Kids and critters are great, but they tend to slow down the moving process. Now’s the time to get a babysitter or pet sitter to keep them entertained while you’re loading.
  • Get your cleaning on. Any empty rooms will need a good clean after all that packing. If it’s possible, head over to your new home and give it a good clean before you start moving everything in, or even better, hire a cleaning service to do it for you!
  •  Collect all your keys and garage door openers. These will need to go to the real estate agent/new tenants. Leave a note for the new owners with the location of the mailbox and garage door opener codes or instructions.
  • Make sure all your packing is done and boxes are clearly labelled before move-in. The last thing you want is to be packing while the movers are loading up the truck.
  •  Final signatures with your lawyer. You will need to make arrangements with your lawyer to sign documents a few days before closing. You can also arrange to have your real estate agent install a lock box with a key for the new owner on closing day.


Today’s the Day!

  •  Remember to set an alarm. You don’t want to be woken up by the honk of the moving truck.
  • Do a final walkthrough to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind. This includes any garbage/recycling bags, cleaning products, etc.
  •  Make yourself available to the movers. By guiding them, you’re making a lot less work for yourself down the road.
  • Do a walk-through of your new home. This is your last chance to make sure all of your items arrived and are in good condition.
  • Help your movers. Buy them a nice lunch and provide cold drinks if it’s a hot day. Give them space so they can efficiently get things wrapped, loaded, and unpacked, and remember to stay calm in the chaos!
  • Unpack all your essential items. First things first, put together your bed and throw on your sheets. You’re going to be tired, so make sure you can just hop in and pass out at the end of the day.
  • Don’t forget to feed your friends/family. The best way to thank people for helping you move? Food. Always food. A few drinks never hurt either!
  • Enjoy your first night in your new home! Now you’ve earned it!

While relocating can be a daunting task, a list helps to make it manageable. My moving checklist is a great place to start.  Finally, are you feeling overwhelmed by everything that goes into a move? Then consider hiring a professional transition specialist to organize, pack, declutter, and manage all aspects of your move. In that light, call me to get my preferred list of vendors! 647-223-0237 or

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