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Where you move is largely influenced by budget, but there are other things to consider!

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My name is Scott Brubacher and I have spent the last year becoming a downsizing expert!

If this is you’re first time downsizing, I strongly recommend signing up for my 5 FREE Downsizing Tips: Where to Move and Why!

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Downsizing for retirement is a BIG MOVE!

After spending more than a year interviewing Baby Boomers and hosting my Boomers on the Move Workshop, nobody knows this better than I do!

That’s why I have put together these 5 FREE Downsizing Tips that you can use to decide where you should move when downsizing your Mississauga home. Everybody will also receive a link to my Top 10 Places To Move.

My TOP 10 LIST includes profiles of  10 towns and cities in Ontario that offer unique lifestyle options for Baby Boomers looking to move.

When you’re thinking of downsizing, knowing where to move is really important. Give yourself time to discover new places to move by starting early.

Downsizing takes time and planning, START NOW sign up for my email and request a FREE Home Evaluation!

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“Friendly, professional, insightful and patient. Everything we could have asked for. We appreciated Scott’s guidance as he helped us through the process and found us the perfect home for our family.”
Noura Ann

Client Testimonies

Scott had helped us find our previous dream home. When it was time to downsize and make the next transition in our lives we needed someone we could trust to listen to our needs and wants and also to help us think outside the box. Making a big change in your life you may think you know what you want but it is helpful to have an expert show you things you may never have thought of.Ayoub and Jean Ali
Scott has the ability the give a totally unbiased opinion, which I think is one of the best quality a Real Estate agent can have considering that buying a home is a VERY emotional purchase. He also understand his client’s needs and will always present a product to fit those needs.
Genevieve Bonneau
I chose Scott because he was known to me through family members. Scott was very professional in his dealings and I felt he gave good advice on selling and buying as he did both for me. I feel Scott is very goal focused which is a plus when a person wishes to have their property sold and to receive the best possible price.Nadean Harley

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