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Here’s Why Your Home Evaluation Is Your Logical First Step!

As I have established at our Boomers on the Move workshops, downsizing your home for retirement takes time and preparation.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. So you need to take inventory of where you are. As a homeowner, that includes a free home evaluation.

1. Your Family Home Holds The Key To Financing Your Retirement

How much is your home worth? A FREE Home Evaluation can tell you! The family home is often the largest investment you will ever make. Downsizing your property can unlock some much needed equity. Knowing the value of your home will give you the opportunity to roughly work out a budget and it can also help you to establish a timeline between saving and the day you move.

2. You want to get the highest return on your investment

A FREE home evaluation can provide for you the suggested sale price of your home today, and a suggested selling price if you were to do some repairs/renovations, or updates to your home in the future.

3. You Want To Explore Your Options

Whether this is exploring the different places to move in Ontario, or meeting with a financial adviser, I know that once you have completed a FREE Home Evaluation you will have more direction to explore your options.

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